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For Home or Hospital Use

Hydrotherapy use in labor has become more and more popular amongst birthing women today. Just watch “A Baby Story” and see all the New Jersey women utilizing the tub. Whether mothers choose to give birth at home or in a hospital, renting a birth tub is something to be considered. Laboring mother’s can enjoy the benefit it provides during labor, or choose to birth the baby in the warmth of the water. It’s a tool worth using. I actually heard someone call it an”aquadural” to describe the wonderful pain relief they received.

Hydrotherapy Benefits for Labor and Birth

  • Birthing mothers expressed a feeling of weightlessness that aids in more comfort and easier mobility
  • Pressure on mothers abdomen is reduced
  • Deeper relaxation lends to the release of hormones which help progress labor faster, rhythmically, and efficiently.
  • Aids in relaxing the pelvic floor
  • Helps birthing mother to feel more in control of her body
  • Minimizes overall pain which reduces the need for medication
  • Allows for a much quieter environment, and increased privacy so the mother feels less inhibited
  • Stimulates a dysfunctional labor helping the mother to progress more rapidly to second stage
  • Encourages a smoother and easier delivery
  • A much gentler transition for baby

Now being offered from Mother to Mother Services


The Portable Spa for Labor and Birth

  • The AquaDoula is the original portable spa developed specifically for labor and waterbirth.
  • As seen on the Learning Channel’s “A Baby Story, the Aquadoula, for years, has helped mothers and babies worldwide experience a gentler birth.
  • Sets up easily in minutes, with minimal assembly. The AquaDoula is soft, yet sturdy, and comfortably accommodates mother and partner.
  • The AquaDoula is lightweight, making it convenient for transportation and storage.
  • The Aquadoula comes with a heater to help maintain a comfortable temperature for many hours.

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