Hi I'm Rosemarie DiMare

I am a DONA Certified Birth Doula and Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator. I have been educating and assisting birthing families in Central NJ since 1997.

I support couples in hospitals as well as those who choose to birth their baby at home with a midwife.

My journey began when my husband and I decide to hire a doula to assist us during the birth of our second child. The experience was so empowering and after seeing first hand the benefits of continuous emotional and physical support throughout my labor, I knew I was being called into this profession.

Mother to Mother specializes in not only supporting families during birth, but in educating them prenatally about Healthy Safe Birth Practices and helping the birthing mother to develop confidence in her body and the birth process. I am a professional member of (I-CAN), International Cesarean Awareness Network and specialize in counseling, educating, and supporting women who desire a vaginal birth after prior cesarean. In the fall of 2015 Mother to Mother Services received special recognition from the American College of Nurse Midwives for continuing to educate and support birthing women in NJ by empowering them to trust their bodies and the birth process.

Mother to Mother has been known for its “Personalized Professional Care.” Time spent prenatally with my birthing couples has enabled me to develop a special bond with them prior to labor. This has helped the birthing mother feel a sense of peace and safety which allows her to be more relaxed both physically and mentally. My job is not to take the place of the partner, but to make the partner feel less pressured so they can tend to the birthing mother without feeling like they have to perform. My families are pleased knowing they have a “Special Woman” trained to be with them throughout labor.

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