Water Birth can be safe and Calm

Water Birth can be safe and Calm

Hydrotherapy Benefits for Labor and Birth

Birthing Mothers expressed a feeling of weightlessness which aids in more comfort and easier mobility. In addition pressure on Mothers abdomen is reduced resulting in deeper relaxation which in turn lends to the release of hormones helping progress labor faster, rhythmically, and efficiently. By relaxing the pelvic floor this helps birthing Mother to feel more in control of her body.

Benefits for Birthing Mom and Baby

Minimization of overall pain which reduces the need for medication. Tubs allow for a much quieter environment and increased privacy so the Mother feels less inhibited. Labor in a tub often stimulates a dysfunctional labor helping the Mother to progress more rapidly to second stage. Overall encourages a smoother and easier delivery and a much gentler transition for Baby.


Mother to Mother Rents AquaDoula Tubs

AquaDoula is the recognized leader in Portable Tubs. Mother to Mother is proud to be renting these tubs for over 15 years. As seen on the Learning Channel’s “A Baby Story”, the AquaDoula, for years, has helped mothers and babies worldwide experience a gentler birth.

Portable and Easy to Set up

The Aqua Doula Tub is easy to set up and instructions are provided. Unlike other tubs for rent or purchase it has a heater which maintains the temperature of the water. In addition it is full size and depth to accommodate your partner if desired.

For Hospital Births in New Jersey please check with Rosemarie first as some hospitals will not allow you to set a tub up in a labor and delivery room.

Reserve Your Tub for Home or Hospital Birth

We have several Tubs available but you must reserve in advance and arrange pick up and return. The tub and accessories fit in the back seat or hatch of a standard car or SUV. Typically we allow birthing couples to pick up the tub several weeks before their estimated due date. However that is subject to availability. Call Rosemarie today to inquire if one is available for you.